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Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Facts,Uses And How It Interface With Human Brain

Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Facts,Uses And How It Interface With Human Brain.

If language was no longer a barrier Elon Musk's neural link has just unveiled its latest brain computer interface communicate with anyone instantly regardless of the language they're speaking

Imagine if you could remember every word ever said in that conversation in perfect order every detail of a person's face and the environment where the conversation took place is etched somewhere in your mind accessible at any time

Well, this will soon be our reality the idea that humans will be able to save and replay memories might sound like a badly written fiction or something out of a cyberpunk novel 

How Neuralink Interface With BMI(Brain Machine Interface)

According to Tesla and SpaceX CEO humans will be able to do this very soon the neural link chip is a brain machine interface that connects your brain to a computer this chip is truly incredible and will quite possibly change humanity forever

Now we will be discussing in detail about the neural link chip and how it will affect society having superhuman abilities sounds awesome this is not the primary goal of the neuro link chip neuro link is off black near vibes which might make it almost easy to dismiss 

The neuro links goals are ambitious and if successful will go a long way in helping humanity reach its full potential 

What Neuralink Aims To Human

Neuro link first aims to end human suffering the idea for Neuro link is based on the fact that human senses like hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste are electrical signals sent to the brain by neurons 

In some cases the signals are not wired correctly leading to disabilities such as blindness, deafness, paralysis, etc. Neuro Link can also be used to cure depression,Alzheimer's, insomnia, and other neurological disorders

Elon Musk Neuralink Chip Battery Details

The chips battery lasts for an entire day and it can be charged inductively while the person sleeps Elon plans to do this through a nightcap designed for the specific purpose of charging the chip unlike the prototype presented in 2019 which requires the use of an external earpiece

The latest model of the neural link chip only requires a tiny chip which will sit in the person's skull the chip is fitted into the skull but tiny wires for threads that are 10 times thinner than a human hair the threads represent electrodes which determine the activity going on in the brain by observing the signal sent to the brain by neurons and then stimulating as many neurons as it can go 

Other neural interfaces already exist neural link stands out because it will insert much more electrodes to stimulate neurons any other neural interface has ever been capable of 

One of the best BMIs in the market presently is the Utah array which has been used to successfully studied conditions like epilepsy, the Utah Ray has about 100 Electro journals which is a small number when compared to the neuroscience of 1000 or possibly more electrode channels

How Neuralink Threads Works

The neuro link threads are much more flexible as they are incredibly thin this makes them a much safer option because there's very little chance that the device will pierce blood vessels and cause terminal damage 

How Much Will Elon Musk Neuralink Cost ?

It is still very risky for humans to carry out,the surgery needed to insert the chip into a person's skull this task will have to be carried out by a robot switch for the cost of $1,000 to the patient to perform the operation in under an hour

Leaving a well concealed chip in the patient skill the only trace of the chip's presence on the skull will be a tiny and barely visible scarf and for those who have any amount of hair the scar will not be visible at all 

Neuro Link has yet to carry out human trials they have tested the chip on a pig to satisfactory results the chip helped the neuro link team accurately predict the pig's limb movements on treadmills besides curing neurological disorders

Benefits Of Neuralink To Humans

Elan Musk aims to use New Orleans to enable humans to compete with artificial intelligence which must predictable achieve super intelligence and become almost impossible to control artificial intelligence according to Elon Musk might become an extinction level threat for humanity and the best way to combat this would be distinct the human brain with AI to create that symbiotic relationship

Symbiosis is observable in nature a good example being the relationship between the clownfish and the anemone a relationship that can be described as mutually beneficial the fish provides the anemone with nutrients and protects it from predators and in return the anemone provides the fish with shelter 

Humans and AI can have a symbiotic relationship and if that happens human potential will be endless though this might sound a bit frightening Elon Musk correctly observed the fact that humans are already part cyborg 

How Neura Link Increase Speed Of Communication

We depend heavily on our phones and other computer devices what will change is the speed of communication between man and machine 

With neural link we will be able to communicate with computers instantly as though it were a thought this has tremendous benefits for a productivity potentially by a factor of 10 

This will also improve communication and intelligence what's actually scary is that eventually verbal communication might be pointless since we will be able to communicate more efficiently through the use of the neural link chip the almost telepathic communication will make the use of verbal communication 

Security Risks Of Elon Musk Neuralink 

A choice rather than a necessity as one would expect people are concerned about the security risks attached to using neuro link a major concern is the possibility that your chip can be hacked in such an event the person can suffer serious damage because the chip directly interacts influences your brain this could cause unfathomable amounts of damage

How Neuralink Effects Social And Economic Inequality

People who cannot afford the chip could possibly become cognitively inferior to those who have it causing social and economic inequality However, it is unlikely that the finished neural link will be hackable If not it would be a high risk venture even with this many benefits 

It will take a long time for the interface to be fully developed so the cyborg like symbiosis between man and machine will only be possible with the later versions of the neural link but the process will be slow and gradual so that rather than happening all at once

Elon Musk Over Ambitious

We will be able to observe each stage many critics of the neural links proposed goals accuse Elon Musk of being over ambitious some even refer to him as a mad scientist but Elon Musk idea is a logical one

If you can't beat them join them not to mention that the potential capabilities of such device are endless specifically because technology development will continue to accelerate neural Link could very well change what it means to be human its impact on society will be historic and almost certainly change the path of our species forever with these new and fantastic possibilities

Neural Link has opened humanity up to a new and stranger future perhaps one where humanity will finally reach its potential.


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