How To Clear PlayStation 5 Cache And Boost Performance|A Helpful Guide

How To Clear PlayStation 5 Cache And Boost Performance|A Helpful Guide

What's up everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and I want to show you how to clear your PlayStation 5 cache and free up some memory and boost performance

So you're actually probably like what cache PlayStation 5 i can do that actually can't it's a little weird but in one of their latest updates they actually allow you to now clear the cache of the PlayStation 5 which is pretty damn cool

Steps To Clear PS5 Cache And Boost Performance

 1. You want to do is you want to turn off your PlayStation 5 just from there completely turn it off because we're gonna basically enter into its safe mode that's basically what we're going to do

2. Once it's completely turned off and your PlayStation 5 kind of stops flashing you don't see it on the screen there

 3. Now you have to hold on to the power button until you basically hear two beeps once you hear two beeps make sure you have a USBC cable which whatever connects to your PlayStation controller done because as you see it says connect the controller using the USB cable

4. Now then press plus button so over there the analog stick does not work you're gonna have to use the D pad so kind of keep that in mind

5. As you can see you gonna go to option number 5 it says "Clear Cache and Rebuild Database" going to see over there clear system software and Cache we're basically gonna press that one and let it run

6. This is the option where it's gonna essentially clear the system cache is going to it's just like a computer when you can like web browser you can clear the cache it deletes all the memory that was in there it frees up the space and it kind of makes it better improves performance

It's kind of good to just kind of do this every other week or every month, every day depends on your schedule but you kind of do it you're gonna see it is going to list let it do it automatically and you're gonna kind of be good to go and not gonna have to stress about it any longer

You're gonna see it's kind of done and you're basically good to go you can now have free space you should be kind of good till you should if you are having kind of like somewhat of lags or space issues you should kind of have it free up over there and you will not have any issues any longer

Again this probably affects more people who use it every single day of like over and over again and like that is not adding and deleting income deleting increasing installing all that other stuff that's happening

So yeah that's basically I wanted to make that you know how to do it and take it from there