How To Fix Cannot Download PlayStation 4 Game Error|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix Cannot Download PlayStation 4 Game Error|A Helpful Guide

What's up everyone this everydaytechvams here and I'm going to show you how to fix your PlayStation 4 cannot download game and basically show you a quick couple of tips on tricks of how to basically fix this issue and have that game downloaded 

Let's get right into this we're gonna do a couple of things that we're going to try to do so essentially be able to download the game onto your PlayStation 4 

You Can Fix Cannot Download PlayStation 4 Game Error By:

1. The first one is you want to go to Settings and Under Account Management you want to activate your PlayStation 4 as your primary PlayStation 4 So if you look at the bottom line it explicitly says Playstation 4 is activated as your primary PlayStation 4 so you can go about this two ways

If yours already says deactivate your PlayStation 4 from this account and reactivate it again just to kind of give you that boost or I guess like push from a server perspective to like bring Sony be lik this is this person he or she should be able to download this games from this console If it already if it says it's not activated try to activate it and if you can't because it says you need to wait six months or someone else has it activated they need to deactivate it first

2. The second method is that you can do right in the same settings is these Licenses so what you want to do over here is you want to make sure to basically Restore Your Licenses 

The way you do this is basically just press the restore button now what this does is if you purchase the game and now you can't download it the thing is you have said game you have the license for said game because you paid for said the only thing is for some reasons the Licenses aren't connecting 

Sony thinks something isn't working there's an option there for restore licenses for a reason because this happens this error or glitch ends up happening with their servers that you want to actually do this to essentially fix that issue once you do this you should be theoretically able to download the game and not have this error persisting any longer

3. The third method is what you can do next is this is an interesting one that a lot of people don't really realise is you don't have to necessarily download it from the PlayStation Store when you've purchased the game

So either after trying these two methods or just trying the method in general you want to go to the "Library" and find the game over there you can either search the game in the library you can even explicitly choose what you want to search for is it a game is that an application is a purchase is a PlayStation was, etc.

You can basically go over there find all your purchase games and then just download it directly from there you can see if you click into that and you'll basically be taken to the place but in a different layout and just download the game directly from there 

Usually some errors may be persistent from the PlayStation Store which over here may not persistent you might be able to actually download so yeah that's pretty much these three tips and control that I want to kind of show you guys that you can easily do to essentially fix this issue that you're getting and be able to download your PlayStation four games 


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