How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error CE-33116-4 Cloud Save Error

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error CE-33116-4 Cloud Save Error

What is up everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and I'll show you how to fix the PlayStation four error code CE-33116-4 or you cannot download your PS Plus cloud saves

This is a weird error code that pops up and you're not for some reason able to download your Cloud Save so there could be two reasons to why this is happening

The first one is we want to make sure in your storage that you actually have all your cloud you actually have space there to be able to download the data in there

You would be surprised some saved data ends up being very big if you see your console it's massive some actually gig big usually end up being like Fallout or Skyrim type save files or games I should say

So just want to say that can happen so make sure you have enough storage there the other thing is if you actually go to your saved files you'll notice that you want to make sure a couple of things to do

One you want to make sure you still have access to PlayStation Plus as you can see at the bottom right on the corner you have that plus symbol so you want to make sure you still are in there and then you can see the same data and online search because this is the place where you're trying to download it to your system storage you may be possibly getting the error 

You can see those are saved online as you can see files over half a gig so you want to make sure like these are being downloaded because you can just click into it press Select and then voila you should be able to download like I said it might be getting the error here

If for some reason it's not downloading because you're not memory or whatnot the other thing that you can do 

You can fix PS4 error CE-33116-4 cloud save error by go into "Account Management" and in there you want to press "Restore licenses" So there's usually times because you may have reformatted your PlayStation four because the game was giving you an error or something happened that you did something to your console you want to restore your licenses this ends up causing or helping fix this issue 

Because sometimes if you're trying to download the save game for certain games it might actually think for old games that you actually don't own that game so you can't download this so this again this feature is here for that reason

You want to restore your licenses and then try again and you should then be able to download set games that's basically I wanted to make you know how to do essentially do this and you should be good to go