How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-32370-5 The User Is Already Registered

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code NP-32370-5 The User Is Already Registered

What's up everyone this is everydayvams  here and today I want to show you how to fix the places for her code NP-32370-5 or the user is already registered

So a lot of people were actually asking me how to fix this error they're trying to like log in their friend's username into their account or like they're trying to have like different users name leaving logged in 

They trying to play the system or for the situation may be here's actually a very quick fix for this so as you can see when you logged in mobile gaming profile if you try to log out of this and log in another username from just some friends that example and it's saying no, it's not going to work

The reason is you just simply have to create another username now what that means is if you go to "Settings" and then going to parental login settings in there 

Now go to the "User Management" and you have to create a user basically you're going to have to do all everything over there press except create the user log into the PSN whichever one you have is going to ask you a lot of the good stuff

Once you do that well you won't get that error any longer and you should be good to go that's literally all you have to do like I said it's a little weird that it doesn't let you just log in with it the same PSN is because your account activated your Playstations like the active primary ps4 to your usernames kind of logged in 

It's fine to just create another user it works perfectly fine so you're better off just doing straight up that putting your information in there and you're good to go and you should not get this error any longer