How To Fix PS4 And Xbox Analog Stick Drift|3 Easy Methods

How To Fix PS4 And Xbox Analog Stick Drift|3 Easy Methods 

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here I'm going to be showing you how to fix analog stick drift on ps4 and Xbox controllers using these three quick and easy methods and it's important to note that none of these methods require you to take apart your controller or use any tools

These methods helps to fix your controller stick drift,stick drift is simply when the analog stick does not return back to its original intended position causing an unwanted action and of course this can be incredibly frustrating when you're playing a shooting game like fortnight or Call of Duty and you're released the analog stick and you continue to move in one direction

You Can Fix PS4 And Xbox Analog Stick Drift By These 3 Methods

Method 1:

The first method we're going to be doing is pretty simple all you need to do is pull up on the analog stick push it to the edge and blow hard into the space that is created when you're pushing up and pulling out if you've owned an N64 

It's similar to blowing into the N64 game cartridges and you want to repeat these steps until you've gotten around the entire circumference of the analog stick flowing into the space will hopefully push out any particle buildup into the body of the controller which should prevent the analog stick from sticking 

Method 2:

Second method uses a similar cleaning method however instead of pulling up on the analog stick all you need to do is push it to the side and press down on the portion of the analog not only will this potentially remove any buildup or particles it will also ensure that the analog stick is in the right position Pro tip just don't press too hard or otherwise you might break our controller 

Method 3:

The final tip all you need to do is press down on both of the analog sticks for 30 seconds and it will fix your issue and you are good to go