How To Reset Passcode On PS4/PS4 Pro Account|A Helpful Guide

How To Reset Passcode On PS4/PS4 Pro Account|A Helpful Guide

1. What is up everyone this is everydaytechvams here and I want to show you how to reset a passcode on your PlayStation 4/ 4 Pro account and be able to log in 

2. So here's going to be a very quick method tutorial and basically I'm gonna show you how to fix this 

3. What you want to do is like let's say you put in a passcode or your brother or your sister or someone put in a passcode you want to smack them after you resolve this issue but they put it in 

4. Now you may be like what the hell do I do now how do I fix this issue So it's actually a fairly quick fix, so as you can see over here, you're like oh damn I don't remember that that's not the past code 1111 or Whatever you tried

5. You can change PS4/PS4 Pro Passcode by look at the bottom left there at passcode screen there's something called "Forgot Your Passcode"

6. So if you actually click into the Options button is going to say to reset your password for logging into the ps4 you must sign into PlayStation Network

7. So you'll actually see your PlayStation Network account right there is basically going to pop up with your email probably in hopefully now just put in your email and then it's going to ask you to put the password put in your password

8. Once you put in a password you're gonna press sign in boom you're going to see over there Well If you have a two Factor Authentication which you do need because you never got into hacked once you go through this as well Alright, once you put in your to Factor Authentication Let it if you have one if you're not that's fine 

9. You're going to see over there voila it's gonna say enter new login passcode so whatever put whatever you want to make sure you obviously don't forget this and voila, we're going to basically have logged in and now we're good to go

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