How To Fix PS4 Stuck On System Software Update 9.0 Error|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PS4 Stuck On System Software Update 9.0 Error|A Helpful Guide

Hello everyone I'm going to show you how to fix the PlayStation 4 update error code that's been happening on the 9.0 update that just released and I want to basically show you how to essentially fix this

1. First of all if you are in the console itself and you're about to update it and you see It's installed or it's downloaded the system software version 9.0.

2. What you want to actually do is if it's just downloaded you want to actually delete this and do the next steps that I'm show and have it installed from there 

3. Usually when you install it directly from the console itself and ends up causing issues Now if you're the ones who are who can somehow go in, but it just won't install it or if it just goes directly into like it just doesn't boot up It just keeps turning off 

4. Basically get into what we gotta do is we're going to turn off the console and make sure it's not in rest mode just make sure you can either turn it off from the console if you can't turn it off from the PlayStation itself make sure you hold the power button and it completely turns off over there

5. You just have to make sure is there's no white light or Blue light on the right side off the PlayStation 4 console,So it's basically not flashing anything from there 

6. Once that's completely turned off we're going to enter into safe mode so let's just let it turn off going to hold onto the power normally there's usually a sound and you will hear two sounds when you want to get into safe mode

7. When you get into safe mode you have to connect via a USB cable so we're going to connect the controller into the USB basically there as you can see it's working

8. Now be sure to not use the analog stick you can only use the d-pad in there so that's how you have to do it there's a couple of things that we're going to do now

9. The first thing is you're going to update the system software from here whether it was or was not working for you you want to do it from here directly So, you're going to go to option number 3, and you're going to do update using internet

10. If you look over there it will actually have the option to update again if you wanted to so you want to kind of take it from there and try this out 

11. If for whatever reason this feels for you I want you to rebuild your database and then try or may be even try rebuilding the database first then trying this update because they most likely fix that issue

12. Now if for some reason that didn't work you can do update from USB storage device that should be your next possible route

13. If for some reason that doesn't work you're going to have to sadly initial either try step number six or step number seven step number six will initialize your PlayStation Port directly from the boot mode itself without utilizing anything and step number seven will require you to basically have it with a reinstallation file with the USB 9.0 on it

14. You can just do step number three rebuild your database try step number 3 with the update,l using internet worst-case update using USB storage device and you're good to go again

15. Most of the time you just come straight Rebuild the database and update here You should be good to go you should not get that error any longer and get that version of the existing anymore and you should be able to quickly easily quickly update your system console


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