How To Fix PS5 Error Code SU-109511-7|Unable To Login

How To Fix PS5 Error Code SU-109511-7|Unable To Login

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and today I want to show you how to fix the PlayStation 5 error code SU-109511-7

So this is a PS5 error that happens when you're basically trying to log into your PlayStation 5 and for some reason this error pops up, like it just doesn't let you sign into your PlayStation five

You Can Fix PS5 Error Code SU-109511-7 By:

Log In From Another Device And Reset Password

So there's a few ways to basically work around this and have this fix the first one is if you can log into your PlayStation five account or that PSN account in a another device meaning if you can log into your phone the PlayStation app essentially just literally Google a web browser and just go to just log in there and see if that works

If that works which it should what you need to do is you actually need to change or reset your password essentially for some reason there may be an issue causing directly with your console or your PSN profile which replaces your PlayStation console basically  

You have to change your password and try and log out which you won't be logged in obviously and then retry logging in this should most likely work and log into your PlayStation console

Login Through Bar Code 

If for some reason if above one doesn't work there's actually a work around this what you want to do is you want to log out of your console and when you're trying to log in It's very cool i really do like this for PlayStation or Sony specifically when you're trying to log in let's just do add user for example and let's say that you wanted to sign in

There's actually a very cool feature over there as you can see bar code you can just log into the PlayStation five it just you put in that view you go to the PlayStation app then you go to the you literally follow the on screen instructions that you see there you go to the settings and you sign into PS5 you scan then you put in the code and voila

You'll literally log into the PlayStation 5 I would actually recommend you to try this next if for whatever reason you can log in from that other method that I mentioned once you do this, you should be able to log in. Do whatever you want, play your games, have some fun.