How To Fix XBOX One/Series X/S Black Screen Of Death|A Helpful Guide

How To Fix XBOX One/Series X/S Black Screen Of Death|A Helpful Guide

What is up everyone this is Everydaytechvams here we want to show you how to fix your Xbox One/Series X/S black screen of death that you may be possibly seeing on your Xbox console so there's a quick and easy way to fix this basically we're going to access Xboxes hidden menu, and essentially get it fixed from there

Now, if your console is turned on and obviously you don't see anything i want you to basically just press and hold the Xbox button to just turn it off

You have to basically do that and just hold about for like five seconds or so and you as you see it turns off Now, if you have a Xbox series S or Xbox One and above excluding the X you're gonna basically have to just press the eject button and the power on button to get to the Safe Mode menu

But for the series X you actually have to hold the connect button the eject button and then tap onto the power button to essentially get to the safe mode

So after doing that as you see now you shound going to press these to hold them press onto the power on button a you see well it's kind of hard to see but that's how I'm doing it and you're gonna see on the screen

Now ass you see on the screen we get the Troubleshoot menu basically this is the safe mode for equivalent from a playstation five basically right there

There's a few ways to fix this now if you were having the black screen that you will be actually able to see the screen which is great which is what you want you can try pressing continue and hopefully that fixes it for you

If that does not fix it what you want to do is you want to go over and the Reset This Xbox there's two options that you can try Keep Games and Apps, Remove Everything, Try the keep games and apps, and see if this fixes your issue if sadly this does not i would highly recommend you and it sucks but you're going to have to do the remove everything

Once you do this, this is going to basically fix that get rid of any possible errors that you were having in general and then basically get it fixed from here

I know this is gonna suck that you might have to get everything deleted but this is your best bet to get rid of the black screen of death you'll still have a console at least you won't have to chuck it aside and throw it in the trash and then you should be good to go.