How To Login To PS5 Automatically|A Helpful Guide

How To Login To PS5 Automatically|A Helpful Guide

What is up everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and today I want to show you how to log into your PlayStation five automatically

If you have like let's say even one username on your PlayStation five or user log in like or if you have lashed out, or if you have multiple just to give you a perspective whenever you turn on your PlayStation five this is basically what happens

It says plus to press the PlayStation button on your controller and then you'll see a user have one there or see even if you have multiple whatever you have to basically press that button and then you logs in and then it goes to the home screen you can actually kind of go around this method

You can login to PS5 automatically by going to Settings>User Accounts>Log In Settings and click into the log into PlayStation 5 automatically and Enable 

So what this setting make happen is as soon as you turn on your PlayStation 5 just you're going to automatically log into your PlayStation 5 and the latest user you were in 

If you only have one user that's fine you'll log into yours if you have multiple you'll log into the last logged in one which is pretty cool i like that how that basically ends up doing that

So yeah, that's literally it you leave as easily log into the PS5 and automatically and you don't have to kind of worry about kind of like every single time you turn it on and you don't log in especially if you are the only one who uses it 

It's a little annoying when you have to keep doing the kind of twice you turn it on press the button and logging in like that's kind of annoying that's basically it and you are good to go.