KontrolFreaks High Rise Vs Mid Rise Vs Low Rise Sticks

KontrolFreaks High Rise Vs Mid Rise Vs Low Rise Sticks

Control freaks are by the largest margin imaginable the most popular controller attachment they also make for popular content 

Thankfully even though they're extremely popular most people are only aware or only use their high rise sticks but in reality Control Freak makes mid rise and low rise sticks the low rise ones are basically fancy thumbstick grips with however but due to the very few sets that are available of mid rise and low rise sticks people aren't really aware of them

They also don't really have any game exclusives lets break them down see how they feel and just maybe i can convince you to try a different set 

High Rise Sticks

High rise sticks are between 9 and 13 millimeters tall or the average size of the human brain we have high rise control freaks which are by far the most common the most popular because they have all the game exclusives which the game is cursive 

Control freaks like the Cold War ones and the ones for fortnite and since these are the tallest control freaks these are by far going to be your most accurate as the height of your stick and the width of the cap of your thumb stick all affect your accuracy 

The wider your thumb stick cap along your thumb stick shaft the more accurate you will be the high rise sticks also boasts the widest selection so you have a concave convex hybrid bunch of different designs and by the way

Concave great contracts hybrid slippery and just before we move on I'd also like to point out all control freaks cost between about 10 and 20 bucks depending on if you're getting them on Amazon or directly from Control Freak themselves

If you're buying control freaks from Amazon you're still buying control freak but they're not gonna really cost you over 20 bucks the ones that are 20 are likely going to be gaming sources

Now, some people might find high rise sticks uncomfortable in fact the people who don't like control freaks probably tried high rise sticks which is where mid rise sticks slipping

Mid Rise Sticks

Mid rise sticks are between 5-6 millimeters tall or about half the size of your average high rise stick you have mid rise sticks

Now the weird thing with mid rise sticks is they're commonly found as a secondary for left stick to a high rise right stick like the Galaxy set you got a high rise stick for your right and on the Elite Series Two you got the mid rise stick

However, when you use the mid rise stick which is meant for left stick on right stick stay people who have had problems with high rise sticks these are a lot more comfortable and I can highly recommend them because they still widen your thumb stick to make you more accurate

They also give you a bit more height not as much as a high rise stick but enough actually you can't do this one hand

Low Rise Sticks

Low rise sticks what is probably the least common control freak of all time Low Rise control freaks out between 3-4 millimeters tall i think there's only two sets available right now with low rise control freaks I think of they are omnis in the alphans 

There might be some like secondary left stick low rise sticks but they're not common at all Like I said before more with more accuracy these give you that in basically no hike but they are actually pretty fun Honestly, I like them

They don't do too much for accuracy not an insane amount but they feel really nice that if you have thumb sticks that are wearing out for thumbsticks that are made out of material that's cheap othese are really worth considering. 


Conclusion there's three heights mid rise is probably the best all around high rises the best for accuracy not as comfortable and I don't know why low rise sticks exists