How To Fix PlayStation 5 Controller Update Error

How To Fix PlayStation 5 Controller Update Error 

What is up everyone this is everydaytechvams here and I'm gonna show you how to fix the playstation five controller update error

So sometimes whenever the PlayStation 5 you know updates and then usually right after it is a Playstation five controller update and if for some reason your controller like you can't press the update now button even though it's plugged in and it's just bugging out

There's actually a way to fix it so what you want to do is you want to actually go away from that screen and you want to then go into your Settings under settings you want to go to 

Accessories and Other accessories you want to hover over to Controller

Your controller update directly from the system itself before it was a little weird that wasn't even possible to do that you just have to like kind of had it plugged in and they'll just notify you like Hey, here's an update

But now you can kind of go here and you'll see the update right there it'll tell you if you are up-to-date or not 

You click into there and it'll tell you like Hey, there's an update here do you want to update? And if you do it from there you'll actually be able to successfully update your playstation five controller without an error popping up

Its this is probably the more preferable route to go from and do it and again you always want to have your control of data because the PlayStation five controller does have a bit more features the rumbling and haptic and whatnot and to touch bar

I was hoping it does a couple of the stuff so but anyways you want to just kind of do it from there and voila. That's basically it. You'll be good to go