How To Fix The PS 5 Error WS-116522-7|Software Update Failed

How To Fix The Playstation 5 Error WS-116522-7|Software Update Failed

What is up everyone this is everydaytechvams here and today I want to show you how to fix the PlayStation 5 Error code WS-116522-7 the system software update failed 

So basically sounds weird this is if trying to install the latest PS5 version so self-involved and for some reason like the update fail one kind of talk about like how that happens what could happen and like yeah, pretty much kind of take it from there 

The thing is a lot of times usually when you're having to update download it is possible that when you were doing basically having these updates download on your system It is very possible that the system basically update fail 

Now what that means is it could have doubled but for some reason, the way it downloads, if you kind of don't do it in one sitting there is very possible that the update can get corrupted obviously as you can see on the latest software version update 

There's ways to kind of fix this make sure when you are downloading the update do it in one sitting do not have rest mode enabled do not turn off the PlayStation 5 then turn it back on and it will resume because technically that's supposed to work and it does do the job right but like I said a lot of times usually network issues end up causing this so you want to make sure you don't do that

If you can move from a wireless to a wired connection please do so again same reasoning one it'll download faster to a lot of the times because if you end up downloading from Wireless rather than wired it causes network issues especially if you have a slow connection because that an error can occur in the download file sounds weird but it does end up happening it again trying these fixes will end up having let's just assume those true for some reason doesn't work

You can always update from a USB drive so that's usually one of the kind of best when everything feels methods is essentially get the download directly from Sony's website you're doing it for when a PC you're downloading and put it on the storage drive and voila, plug it in you playstation and you should be good to go. Yeah, that's basically it

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