How To Fix Can't Sign In Into Xbox One Or Series X/S Account Error|Quick Fix

How To Fix Can't Sign In Into Xbox One Or Series X/S Account Error|Quick Fix

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and I'm going to show you how to fix can't sign into your Xbox account So this is Xbox One or Series X/S account error 

So let's click into the left side on top you can see profile you can see what your account profile logged in and you can have different profiles there

You can sign into different ones as you can see you can do a door switch accounts but you can see currently sign it sometimes folks have a couple over there and for whatever reason if you're like switch accounts and sign into yours a blank screen pops up that just keeps spitting right And you can't sign it

Now I'm going to show you essentially how to fix that so there's a couple of methods you can do 

The first one is you can actually completely turn off your Xbox console and turn it back on what this means is you can either try to turn it off from here as completely as you can see over there you want to turn off your console and restart or we can do a force turn off from going to your console itself and Pressing the Xbox button and holding it down for 10 seconds

This will be like a force turn off and it'll turn off your console completely if you go down this route I don't fully advised it but this kind end up fixing your issue because there is a possible software issue occurring which this I guess fresh restart will end up fixing your console

If for whatever reason this doesn't work the other thing you can do is you want to go into your Settings and under settings you want to go into Accounts in fhere something called Remove accounts

You actually want to completely remove the account from your Xbox console and mindful that if you don't know your password and username or email you won't be able to sign back in

So only try this method if you know what your username and password is or figure it out before you do it and try this method but this is going to do is it's going to remove the account completely from your Xbox console and then you can essentially put it back in and be easily able to essentially assign back in and not have a error any longer that's basically it

If you guys have any comments, questions, concerns, just let me know in the comment section what more than happy to help you guys out