How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2005-0003

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error 2005-0003

Hello everyone this is everydaytechvams here I'm gonna show you how to fix a Nintendo switch error 2005-0003 it's weird error that's been happening that kind of like crashes a game doesn't let you play

I want to basically show you how to fix this so one of the first and quickest way is you can essentially fix this is to power off your switch a lot of times this is happening because your switch has not been restarted it's just been in the background sleeping and a lot of memories can get cashed up because of that

A lot of wastage can happen so you want to restart your switch the way you do this is you hold the power button for a couple of seconds and you'll see this menu pop up and you basically press the power options button and then you restart it from there

The other thing you can do is you can actually just hold onto the power button for like some seconds and it'll completely turn off your switch which essentially gets you to the same place that you're trying to get into 

It will just completely turn off your switch and now you can basically press the power button again and then turn Nintendo switch turn back on 

Now once you kind of do this hopefully you can now play for Mario, whatever and not get this error any longer and hopefully that kind of Results issue

Now aside from doing this the other thing you can do is you want to actually go to your settings and in there you want to go into let's see system and you want to click into system update

You want to actually make sure your Nintendo switch is the latest version update and hopefully it is and you can kind of just take it from there if it's not make sure to update your console and then you should be good to go

If worse comes to worse for some whatever reason this doesn't work you may have to initialize your console which is probably the worst case scenario and probably something you don't want to hear

There's a couple ways to do it you can do this by either the settings menu itself or you can do it by entering into the safe mode but that's worst-case scenario because that will reformat everything on your Nintendo switch and then you can try again that does help fix certain issues 

Hopefully, we don't have to even get there and the two tricks i just mentioned help fix your issue