How To Update Xbox Series X/Xbox One Controller|A Helpful Guide

How To Update Xbox Series X/Xbox One Controller|A Helpful Guide

Hello everyone Everydaytechvams here and I'm going to show you how to update your Xbox controller 

You Can Update Your Xbox Controller by going to settings and click on Device And Connections now click on Accessories in there click on Xbox Controller now you see three dots at bottom click on them and it says if your Xbox Controller have any update or not,If not then it shows update available and you can update from there

Settings>Device And Connections>Accessories>Xbox Controller>Click Bottom Three dots>Update Available>Update It

A Step By Step Helpful Guide To Update Your Xbox Controller

The first thing you want to do is you want to go to your settings option and now you want to click into there and inside you want to go to something called device and connections 

Now find there's a feature called accessory so you want to click into them and now you're going to see full your controller either wired or Xbox wireless control 

Now you basically click into the three dots at the bottom right bottom left so once you're over there you're going to see at the top left it's going to say update available or no update available

As you can see over there either your controller updated or not if not then you just press into the button over there It'll tell you like Hey, do you want to update it as they update now

If you have the latest update for them it says like there's no updates needed it's already updated 

For update it might take some time and if you need to have your wire connected it'll tell you right there connect a wire to the your Xbox console and then you can basically just do it from there If not like I said, you can just basically do the update over there

Now this is important to do because sometimes there aren't features that the controller needs like certain games might need to have a Updated is basically more like for a movement, Sensor perspective that controllers like PlayStation I'll be controlling as ultimately all the time 

Xbox update they do come off in as well I guess not as much as PlayStation but still regardless it's always great to have your controller have the latest version update and that's basically how you do and you are good to go