How To Use Discord On Xbox Series X/Xbox One|Helpful Guide

How To Use Discord On Xbox Series X/Xbox One|Helpful Guide

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and I want to show you how to get and use the or Discord on your Xbox series X or your Xbox One console so, let's get right into this

So if you aren't aware there's no official Discord app on your Xbox console or even PlayStation for some reason yet I'm sure one day going to come out sure soon

I'm surprised even Xbox doesn't have it yet but get it Is workarounds that you can do to get Discord on your console and what you want to do is you want to go to your Microsoft store

So you want to find in store on your own device or from wherever you want to find it and once you're in there you want to start going to search now there's an app called quarrel which is what you are going to be searching right now and It's called quarrel Insider

You are going to basically download this app and utilize this tip use discord and let this app install it shouldn't take too long once it installed we're going to basically jump into it and voila the app is installed

Now you have to basically go into this app and what you want to do is as you can see, it says, Quarrel Discord client for the universal windows platform you can login as you can see at the bottom with either a disk or token or you login normally

After logged in you have Discord logged in over there and you can now literally do the same stuff that you were able to do initially before and that's how you're basically in discard and you're good to go

It's a very quick like I said tutorial is nothing crazy about it that's how you do it you go to settings you do whatever stuff you always wanted to do that you can always do that add friends do your other stuff it's still like an early stages iwould say but hey, it's a pretty good app

It's a good alternative in the meantime until the official one comes out that's basically it if you guys have any questions and suggestions please leave them on below comment box