How To Get A Full Refund On PS4/PS5 Games 2022

How To Get A Full Refund On PS4/PS5 Games 2022

This is more everydaytechvams here now you are going to know how to get a full refund or your PlayStation 4 and Playstation five games in 2022

So let's get right into this I've posted an article such as these in the past and I want to kind of give an updated version because the item changed,content changes,types changing the like their demand change so I'm going to kind of show you step-by-step on exactly what you can do to get your money back from Sony

Now, there could be games that you have play those could be games that you didn't even touc these could be like all those different things that I want to show you how to get it back 

You can see all the different things that you can do to essentially get your money back so let's get right into it the links of them will be in the below for you guys to kind of Click into and get what you need

The first thing is you want to you have to click into this LINK you are going to that page and you're going to see over there something called a request refund

This is new that Sony has made you basically press into this button request refund and something like this is going to pop up they're going to ask you like are you the owner of the account for the PlayStation Network that was charged? You want to say Yes

Now they asks you can you tell me why you want a refund is for a return a game or an add-on then they're going to give us more information

They ask three options to select for reason like I changed my mind,It's not working properly and I believe it's something else you want to go with the option It's something else it's not working properly 

Don't go with you changed your mind that's usually not the best way to kind of discuss to it the next thing is they are going to give you a support ID which is you want to note this down or just keep your screen up and then you can do one of two things 

You can either connect to the chat which is going to be with a live human being or you can say I want to call they'll give you a phone number and you can talk to these folks

Now this varies i personally don't like talking to people on the phone so i just chat but from experience and what other folks have told me is calling is usually better because you can kind of persuade the agent on the phone Like, hey, could you please do it? You know, the game is not working It's glitching,It's like cyberpunk...etc

You can say all these different words and tactics to those folks which end up getting your issue resolved and you getting your money back for these games It doesn't matter if you download it and play the game or not usually stocking to them and saying these things like hey the game's just not working on my console it's giving me these errors consistently I want my money back no other games doing this to me and they will be able to assist you and they will just literally remove the license from your PSN and then they'll return you the money back to your payment method

So, yeah that's basically it that's literally all you got to do it again this logic follows for PlayStation 4 and 5 Games it doesn't matter which console is you could have bought it on playstation 4 and played on the Playstation 5 that point is mute mute It doesn't matter, like they'll still say or turn I should say for you because they're going to fix it that's on the developer to fix the game that's not on Sony

So yeah that's basically all you guys have to do you talk to bot,You get the support ID,You have the full-blown conversation with them,You let them know like exactly like how it's being an issue Most Like I said, mostly derive with issue don't say you got bored say there's like legitimate issues with the game and you can even find examples online and share those with them and then kind of just take it from there and then you are good to go

If you guys still have any comments, questions, concerns and they're like kind of giving you issues definitely let me know in the comment section a lot more than happy to like help out i always try to like it more like ways to get your money back let me know in the comment section below.