How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-36724-2 | A Helpful Guide

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-36724-2 | A Helpful Guide

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here I'm gonna show you how to fix the PlayStation error code WS-36724-2 this is an error code that's happening because of your friends list essentially so you can either see this error pop up when you log in or kind of like scroll around a bit on your home screen or when you go to your friends listing like directly over there and then you like trying to search friend or something and then this basically pops up 

Now I'm going to show you exactly what this error is and like what's happening so most of the time or the the reason having this error is because the friend you are I guess whoever like you're trying to kind of play with or work with or whatever is most likely deleted from the network like they don't no longer exists

So when you're trying to like kind of either click into their profile or the console itself its just like bugging out because of it,It's because you have a friend who has been deleted man or whatever from PSN So, if you get for whatever reason find them there you can either try to like remove them if possible which is not going to be easy to do

Because again this is where it's actually causing the problem so like you clicking into place to say this person's name if for whatever reason you can come there great you can just unfollow them and remove them but if you can't even get there I'm going to show you how to essentially fix it 

So there's two ways you can essentially go about this the slower way would be from your PlayStation itself 

You can fix PS4 Error WS-36724-2 easily by going to the web browser log into PSN and kind of get your friends list from there the easier way would be which I would recommend is if you go to your phone download the PlayStation app see your friends listing over there from there you can easily just remove them without anything crashing and then turn off your PlayStation 4 then turn it back on and you will not see this error WS-36724-2 anymore

It's a weird error that comes up it's not too bothersome per se as long as you're not going into those listings that I'm speaking of but if you are it is going to cause issues this should be just doing those things removing this inactive or bad, or whatever you want to call them friend, and then you should be good to go. 

Most just use the PlayStation app that will give you the best bet and you should be easily able to remove these folks and not have this inner process any longer

You guys have any comments questions do just let me know in the comment section we are more than happy to help you,