How To Fix Redmi Mobile Speaker Not Working|Helpful Guide

How To Fix Redmi Mobile Speaker Not Working|Helpful Guide

You Can Fix redmi Mobile speaker Not Working Problem by These 4 Steps

1. Force Restart Device

Force restarting redmi Mobile is the best way to fix redmi Mobile speaker not working issue try to force restart redmi mobile by holding and pressing on power button and volume up and down buttons same time for 10-15 seconds until it's switch off and turned on 

It will fix and activities that are making issues in software makes them set right and fix redmi mobile speaker not working issue

2. Fixing Software Update Issues

If you have updated your redmi mobile software update recently there may be issue that happening with the software which it's not installed properly and causing this issue 

So now you have to switch off your redmi mobile and turned it on that's simple doing this what it makes to your redmi mobile is that it makes proper installation on your software and fix the issue

3. Clean The Speaker 

In an daily human routine there are many chances that your redmi mobile have chances to expose dust,water or whatever the stuff check once your redmi mobile speaker hole is free and not any particles stuck in that which may leads to prevents speaker to receive voices 

4. Give Repair To Service Centre 

The above three solutions to fix redmi mobile speaker not working issue are the one which is in our hands we can fix of the problem within software,updates and particles blocking redmi mobile speaker but if you did everything above three and still your speaker not working then it's time to give your redmi mobile to repair at service centre it's time to change speaker 

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