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How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error WS-116332-6,Banned, Services Temporarily Suspended

How To Fix The PlayStation 5 Error WS-116332-6,Banned, Services Temporarily Suspended

Hello everyone this is Everydaytechvams here and today I'm going to show you how to fix the PlayStation 5 Error code WS-116332-6 or the PlayStation 5 Services access is permanently or temporarily suspended.

So we're going to talk about what this means and how you're going to fix this error code so what this basically means is exactly as the error code says just straight up banned and so 

You most likely got banned for some way shape or form witn PSN like on your PlayStation 5 you did something to their terms and services either you were being hateful, disrespectful,racist, anything Sony can ban you for many reasons like hacking, glitching Etc. 

So because I remember, I actually even banned on my gaming account and I'm like, I had never even played a game and they said I was banned for hacking but it was a temporary ban. 

So interestingly enough these bans are temporary which they usually never email you about, which kind of sucks because they should be telling you why you're getting banned and how long you're banned for If not permanently banned 

You can almost always appeal these and get your account back so that's what I'm going to show you how to do this and how to kind of go over that and you can see you can't do hate speech Like you can't be 2012 or 2010 Cod anymore

So they suspend players because of those reasons

So now if you have not received a notification you can contact them and find out what happened and you can actually appeal it

I would actually want you to ask them first why you got banned and then they'll tell you how its temporarily banned and say wait for particular days. 

You might just wait it out because that's what helps you to get unban

I have a couple friends who are permanently banned and I'll kind of show you how to appeal those if it is permanently banned once for different reasons 

So this is how you do it. It's essentially this page and I will leave a link for you you can appeal, If you're eligible appeal to the suspension which is right there and it'll tell you may be eligible to appeal this suspensiom if you fulfill the following criteria your account was permanently

Now go the PlayStation Support LINK here 

Then it will ask Your account was permanently suspended within the last 6 months. We are not accepting appeals for temporary suspensions or suspensions older than 6 months

The suspension is due to a breach of our Code of Conduct

You have not previously appealed this suspension. 

You review and accept the Terms and Conditions on the form.

You agree to comply with the Code of Conduct and our Terms of Service and User Agreement whenever using PlayStation services.

So once you press Appeal A Permanent Suspension you're going to get there you have to put in your online ID, sign in email address. You obviously need to know that piece of information

You want to then just press continue you're going to kind of do like a couple more things It's going to ask you to like tell you why you're trying to appeal all that Stuff and then essentially you can submit and you have to wait like a little while to basically find out what the situation is. 

This is one of the only ways you can do the appeal to find out what's happening and kind of go from there

If you can give a good enough case to them like what happened you can justify saying hey I didn't actually do anything i was wrongly flagged or whatever the thing was just the system pick me up incorrectly,erroneously etc, etc 

You know just make your case kind of go from there and then you should be good to go.


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