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Best Controller Settings For FIFA 23 For Better Playing|Helpful Guide

Best Controller Settings For FIFA 23 For Better Playing|Helpful Guide 

This is the best Controller settings for FIFA 23 that makes your FIFA experience much more smooth performance 

There are many settings to choose from that range from different assists for player switches that a lot of players could want to modify at FIFA 23 

By setting these setting correctly will allow you to play the game FIFA 23 better gaming and also assist you in becoming better playing performance 

Best Controller Settings For FIFA 23 For Better Playing 

  • First you have to turn on Competitive Master Switch once set to on you will see settings that are grayed out below from Contextual Agile Jockey to Dribbling you have to disable it to change and experiment with the settings
  • Contextual Agile Dribbling: Should be Off
  • Automatic Clearances:Should be Off
  • Auto-Flair Pass:Should be Off
  • Aided Header:Should be Off
  • Auto shots:Should be Off
  • Jockey:Set to Manual
  • Defensive:Set to Tactical Defending
  • Bypass:Set to Assistance Semi
  • FIFA Trainer: Play (it's Optional you can also disable it)
  • Timed Ending: Beginner turn Off.switch it on if you’re an pro player that you are good at timing your shots.
  • Next Player Switch indicator:Turn it On
  • Help with Pass Blocks:Turn it On
  • Automatic Switching:Use on the Air Balls as well as Loose Balls
  • Automatic Switch Moving Assistance:Keep it Low. If you’re a veteran,you can choose this None. In case you’re a novice at playing make it High.
  • Help with Clearance:Should be Directional
  • Player Lock:Turn it On
  • Icon The switch is:Should be On.
  • Right Stick Switching:Should be Classic
  • Right Stick Switching Reference:Its Player Relative
  • Ground Pass Assistance:Keep Assisted
  • Shot Pass Assist:Keep Assisted
  • Cross Assist:Keep Semi
  • Support for Lob Pass:Keep Semi
  • Lobbed-Through Pass:Select Aided
  • Help to Save:Keep Assisted
  • Analog Sprint:turn Off
  • Pass Receiver Lock:Select Late
  • Users Vibration Feedback:Turn On.It depends on an individual preference and you can switch it off it won't affect your game play
  • Trigger Effect:Should be Off

Now save your settings once you’ve completed  making these changes you can save by clicking Customize the Profile tab and then saving your FIFA 23 Profile 

 Now you should activate your Profile so it can help you preserve your career progress and profile modifications

Game may face issues due if you do not save your personal preferences

These are the best settings recommended for beginners and players who are not experienced and also best gaming for professional player at FIFA 23


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