How To Fix Error E106 Xbox One|A Helpful Guide


How To Fix Error E106 Xbox One|A Helpful Guide

So this is a error that happens when you're on basically the Xbox Live store and you're trying to like download something from the store and and appears E106 whatever Xbox Live and is just not working whether it's from Game Pass or the store

When you're basically trying to download a game from Xbox Live and its just failing, timing out or not letting you download it and that error E106 keeps happening 

Majority of time it's related to the network itself and there's a few fixes that you can resolve this E106 

You Can Fix Error E106 Xbox One By:

1. Restart Your Xbox 

The first one I actually recommend this it's a simple as like restarting your Xbox to straight-up restart your Xbox to fix E106 a lot of the times you'd be surprised that actually makes the error go away

You can just like redownload the game if that does not work to fix E106 what you're going to do is you're going to go to settings and you're going to go to network on the right hand side is saying all services available

But just make sure that there's something not wrong with the Xbox store or Xbox Live that's not possibly down causing this error E106 to occur that is a slight possibility that could happen via 

2. Connect To Wired Connection

If everything is okay from that perspective what you're going to do to fix E106 by going to go into Network and if you are connected wirelessly try to connect to wired connection

like I said, a lot of times the error E106 is due to either internet speed or just happening from your router itself so switching over from Wireless to wired will fix E106 and a lot of these possible issues 

3. Change DNS Settings

You can fix E106 by click into the Wi-Fi network you are connected to now click into advanced settings in there,what you're going to fix E106 is you're going to change the DNS settings to manual and you're going to change the primary DNS to and at the secondary DNS to 

So once you do this and you save it up, it's going to say connections testing the connection and you're going to basically test a couple of stuff and fix E106 

You're going to make sure the network speeds and statistics is basically working to fix this E106 and its going to take like a couple of seconds like 5 to 10 seconds is going to do a test and you're actually going to see a huge like change in speed and fix Dev Error 6334

This will help alleviate and fix Dev Error Code 6334 any issues you possibly have with the server and then you should be good to go

The only caveat there is if you are not within the U.S You might want to use a different DNS server to fix E106 because this is East Coast Pacific for the U.S

You can easily find fast and good DNS servers online and fix E106 So you don't have to kind of like pay for any of this stuff you can quick Google search will find you the best ones. 

So I would highly recommend you to kind of like try that out and fix E106 then you should be good to go 

That's basically all you guys got to do to be able to fix E106 issue if you guys still have any comments please leave them on below comment box 👍