How To Fix Kodak TV WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

How To Fix Kodak TV WiFi Connected But No Internet Access 

Guide to fix Kodak HD TV,4K TV,Kodak Legacy,FHD,7XPRO,CA Series,QLED WiFi Connected But No Internet Access 

You can Fix Kodak TV WiFi Connected, but no Internet Access simply by going to Settings>Additional Settings>Device Preferences>Date&time>Automatic Date&time>Use Network Provided time.

You can Fix this by going to settings of your Kodak TV and Now locate at bottom Additional Settings in additional settings you will see Device Preferences in device preferences menu at the second top you will see Date & time in date and time you got to setting Automatic date & time where it is in an Off mode Now select it to Use Network Provided time.

Now restart your Kodak TV and your Kodak TV WiFi connected,but no Internet Access problem will be fixed and you can play YouTube, Netflix,hotstar...etc you will not face any problem and it will fix 100% your problem

How to Fix WiFi connected but,no internet connection when your Kodak TV connected to Mobile Hotspot

You can fix this by Settings>WiFi>Data Saver>Off

On default if your Kodak TV connected to any WiFi mobile hotspot and its set liKodakt to at an particular mb after usage of that data your Kodak TV shows no internet but connected to wifi,to fix this you to go to settings then open WiFi and there you can find Data Saver where it is in on and with an data alerts of particular mb like 100 200 ...etc ,it means if data saver is in on and alert to 100mb after usage of 100mb your data acces to TV is stopped so we have to Off Data Saver and also off data alerts,This can gives your tv full access to use data without any interuption

These are the most common problems facing by every Kodak TV people and here's the best solution for their problem to fix 100%

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