How to Fix Screen Mirroring Lag Windows 11|A Helpful Guide

How to Fix Screen Mirroring Lag Windows 11|A Helpful Guide 

If you are facing screen mirroring lag issues on Windows 11 then here it’s the best guide to fix screen mirroring lag Windows 11  

Screen mirroring is a system that lets you project your small screen like a mobile,tablets to a bigger screen like pc,laptop,smart tv etc

Windows 11 has all necessary components for it with all the features that can support Screencasting or sharing

However,We noticed there are several Windows 11 users went to report that the cast screen or screen mirroring isn’t working on their Windows 11 in the official Microsoft forum and other similar platforms 

You Can Fix Screen Mirroring Lag Windows 11 By These:

1. Enable Wireless Display on Windows 11

The first thing you have to do is if you want to screen mirroring onto your Windows 11 display is to enable the Wireless Display feature in your Windows 11 system.

This feature may come pre-installed with Windows 11 but most people won’t get it pre installed you have to manually install it to do this follow these 

Press the (Windows key + I )buttons on your Windows 11 keyboard to open the Windows Settings menu

Now from the left panel settings select ‘Apps’

Click on ‘Optional Features’ present on right side

You have to click the ‘View Features’ button present next to Add an optional feature at top right

In there search for Wireless Display or scroll down and find the Wireless Display feature

Click on it and check the box present with it and click Next

No click Install on the next page this will let you get the install Wireless Display feature on your Windows 11

2. Use Troubleshooter

Microsoft has an inbuilt troubleshooting tool with its Windows 11 OS which can fix the problems that you facing while screen mirroring on Windows 11

It’s the best tool to use easily. All you have to do is select the component you are having issues with and let your Windows 11 handle the rest.

To do this open ‘Run’ dialogue by pressing the both (Windows+R)keys on your keyboard

Now type this command and click Enter:

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

New window opens simply click the Next button

This will run the troubleshooter on your Windows 11 It will detect any issues happening with your hardware and devices and fix them during the process

Once you finish troubleshoot restart your Windows 11 and it will fix screen mirroring lag on Windows 11

3. Check your PC support or not Screen Mirroring/Screen Cast

If you have an older PC with Windows 11  chances are more that it doesn’t support a wireless screencast

If that is the reason that causes screen mirroring lag on Windows 11 then you can still cast your PC’s screen by using physical cable

You Can Check If Your PC Supports Screen Mirroring/screen cast or not by this

Press both the Win+I buttons to open Windows Settings.

Now Click on the Display option

Go to Display Settings Windows 11 and click 

Now under Scale & layout click on the Multiple displays option setting

Check if the setting “Connect to a wireless display” option is available or not if it shows then your PC supports Screen Mirroring/Screen Cast

4. Connect to the Same Wi-Fi

To fix screen mirroring lag on Windows 11 you have to connect to the same wifi with the devices you want to screen mirroring 

This is the most common reason that many users of Windows 11 make when Screen Mirroring/casting a screen which results in Screen mirroring lag Windows 11

So, always make sure that both the casting device and device which is being cast on are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

5. Update Graphics driver

Most of the time outdated graphics drivers also the reason that screen mirroring lag on Windows 11 when casting your PC’s screen

Using up-to-date graphics drivers is essential to avoid screen mirroring lag issues. Here are the steps to update Windows 11 graphics driver:

Click and open the ‘Start’ menu and search for Device Manager.

Click and open device manager

Expand the Display adapters section

Click on Display Adapters

Now Right-click on the Graphics driver that shows there and you have to select the option Update driver from the list of options that appear for Windows 11

New window opens Update graphics card drivers by selecting option “Search automatically for drivers”

Now your PC will search for new suitable drivers and if any new updates are available, it will automatically install them

Once the drivers are installed restart your PC and it will fix screen mirroring lag on Windows 11

6. Remove And Add Device Again

There is also a chance that your connection was interrupted by not casting process working properly

If it is a situation you should have to remove your screen from the list of connected displays and add again in the correct process

7. Reinstall Windows 11

If you still can’t fix then you have to Reinstall the Windows 11 OS with the latest version on your PC by doing this can fix screen mirroring lag in Windows 11 and work without any issues

If you guys still have any questions we are ready to answer you please leave your questions on comment box.