How To Fix Warzone 2.0 Disconnected From Stream Error

How To Fix Warzone 2.0 Disconnected From Stream Error

I'm going to show you how to fix disconnected from Steam error that you may be getting for when you're playing Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2.0

So as you can see, if you're trying to play COD and you're getting these error specific to a lot of users 

This error is not always related to your network and why this is happening and there's something you can do very quickly to fix this. 

So you want to go to your search bar and you have to type network connection here you're going to see a couple of things and the one you want to focus on is whatever you're connected to.

So if you're connected via Wi-Fi open that one up, If you're connected via Ethernet open that connection in here you have to right Click into it you want to go into properties and you want to find both ipv4 and IPv6

It might be one or the other for you so you have to see which one but once you click into one of those, you want to click into properties and once you do that you're going to automatically have the obtain DNS server address automatically selected

You have to change that to essentially use the following DNS server so what I have here is Google's DNS server which is essentially 8?8.8.8 and alternative do alternate DNS server so you want to essentially do that. 

If you don't have the six option, you can do ipv4 again very similarly. You have to just change Is from automatically to use the following DNS server and you want to change it to and Again, this is Google's DNS server

You can Google whatever is best for your region or for you 

Once you're done, you can close and restart the computer and play the game without any error and you should be good to go

 If you guys still have any comments questions, let me know in the comment section below for that because I'm you guys over.