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Android Hidden Features Must try | Secrets and Hacks

hidden features to try on your Android for 

1. Stabilize your old android videos in New Mobile

You can stabilize your old videos recored on old Android in your new Android Phone to do this you have to back up all your old videos on Google photos app in your new mobile then select video that you need stabilization then follow these shown in images

Stabilization may takes some time depends upon the size of video mb,After Stabilization you can see there is no shake in background video 

2. Make YouTube video Pop Up and do other works while watching

You can make youtube video pop up while playing and then do other works at same time while watching,to do this you have to install any vpn from Playstore and connect to United States server now play any video in YouTube and try to come back and use any other work by pressing home button now you can see youtube video playing in an pop up window

3. Know if your Facebook account hacked

To know you Facebook account hacked log on to your Facebook  and go to settings and now select secure log in it shows where your logged in option tap on it,it's the place where you get all information about your logged in devices and locations along with time,If you seen any other devices logged in at another placed other than you  then your Facebook account has hacked take protective steps by log out of all devices option,If it shows only your device logged in then no need to worry you account is in safe

4. Send Email that has Important photo copies with expiry time

Many of us will send an mails to someone for any purpose like online applications but if we send normal emails that contains important copies like voter id ,pan card ,Bank details then those emails were stored permanently in their email and they can use your details for any wrong things so,if we send email with an expiry time of certain then those Emas will deleted automatically upon given time,to do this while sending mail follow these steps shown in image
After entering details you want to send your documents or images and send email,now at the right top you can see three dots select and now you get upon confidential mode upon shown options

On set expiration date set your time for delete your mail upon certain time and click to send it,it can automatically delete send mail upon given confidential time set

5. Increase Mobile and Battery Performance

In daily usage of mobile we face fast battery drain and total usage of data without using any data performance from us,it may be caused due to updating background apps automatically this makes updating frequently even we not using some of those apps,go to Playstore and upon settings make sure that your app updates should be not in automatic Update mode if enabled then disable that feature to prevent updating apps automatic you can update important apps manually upon your preference

6. Indepth detailed Photography

If your mobile phone runs on Android processor with Snapdragon then you can install GCAM it's an modes software version you can install it on your device and shot indepth indepth detailed pictures which gives you 100 times more detailed picture than in your normal cam,to know about how to install GCAM and make settings go here

7. Virtual Android 

You that you can use another mobile at your mobile gives you an using two different two mobiles if you need to use some apps they didn't allow you to clone and use at same mobile multiple times in that case you can download app VMOS from playstore it's an mini size android with separate low end software working model with different ip address virtual mobile so you can use this app for using apps more cloned and system cannot detect that and gives you two mobiles performance at single mobile 

8. Use own mobile VPN to connect any server

Many of us will download VPN apps and connect to other country servers but using those apps were not secure they steal our data and some apps may hack your mobile also,you can use VPN without installing any apps and its free to use this go tk settings and search for VPN then add new vpn it asks some details like name give any name and type for L2TP/IPSecPSK and now for VPN address go to site where you get all countries ip address and gateway enter manually in VPN address and use endlessly without any cost and installing apps

9. Reading mode 

This makes your eyes relax while reading to do this you have to enable dark mode and there you can see reading mode and enable it by enabling it can increase screen area and gives you best look it also reduces battery consumption

10. Game Turbo mode

It's an place where you can add small to heavy games and use this app for gaming while playing it prevents all background running Apps and gives you smooth gaming performance 

If you have any questions and comments please feel free to leave them on below 

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