Xfinity How To Turn off Wifi At Night|Setup Parental Controls

Xfinity How To Turn off Wifi At Night| Parental Controls Setup

Hey guys in this Article going you know the steps on how you can go about turning off wi-fi at night in your Xfinity account as well as how you can set up parental controls.

So there's different ways to go about doing this whether you want to all of the devices in your house not to be able to use the internet at night or maybe just specific devices that you can allocate to specific individuals in your home.

Guide to Setup Parental Controls

These are the steps what you can do to go about changing and I'm going to walk you through those steps now

Search / my ex Phi and if you have not already done, so it's going to prompt you to login to your Xfinity account and then on this page you just use the email mobile know.

Umber username hooked into your Xfinity account as well as your password and then click sign in and then once we're on our Xfinity Xfinity TV, what we want to do next is a coat to the tab where it says people

This is where we're going to be able to set up the parental controls. So clicking on the people tab next So you don't have any parental control setup on my Xfinity account. But this is what you want to do to turn off wi-fi at night or for specific devices during specific time periods. So to do this, we're going to create a profile now,

How to Create profile

You can create profile separately for the individuals in your home and you can assign the different devices that are hooked into your XVI gateway to specific individuals or if you just want your entire home not to have access to the internet at night.

You can just create one profile call it home or something like that and then Put in those specific criteria that you want to set up.

Now just going to do a home wide profile and call it home. But like I said, you can make separate profiles for each person that is in your house and just named it after the person that you want to be keeping track

So in this instance. If you are doing my entire home and all use that icon right there the little fire.

And then click next and then this is the area where you select the devices that you want to associate with that particular profile.

You can click every single device that have hooked up to your Xfinity router and you can also show devices that aren't currently connected but have been connected in the past and you can also select those if you want.

To do so and put them on that particular profile and then click next. So this profile was created with all the devices that I have a connected to my Xfinity router.

So you go ahead and click close And you can pause all of the devices for this particular profile right there. Again, this is going to be in the people tab in the Xfinity x-fi area of your account and you get to the Xfinity Xfinity age by clicking on this Little Wi-Fi router symbol here towards the top of the page.

So in the people's tab you have this profile that you just created you can pause all devices if you want for 30 minutes an hour two hours or until you un pause them so that's one option that you have,you can also click on a little arrow right there and it will take you over to some more settings

So now Now we have my profile rate there and this little gear in the upper right hand corner is going to give you access to additional settings that you can play around with so clicking on this little gear that's over there opening up some more settings so you can set up an active time limit

Then you can also turn on parental controls and when you turn these on essentially what this does is it reduces the risk of excessing terrible content on the internet

Now you can Click apply changes if you want to do so with parental controls turned on you can also create a downtime schedule for the particular profile that you're in.

So if you click on that click next so it says create a schedule automatically pause internet access for all of this particular profiles device access to the internet connected in your home

So now you can choose the Icon and that you want to associate with the schedule. So let's say you wanted it just to turn the Wi-Fi off at night.

Use the little Moon icon and you can type in let's just say night Wi-Fi off and then click next and you can select the days of the week that you want this to apply to Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, let's choose weekdays

You can pause access at 10 p.m. At night and then resume access and at 8:00 a.m. In the morning and then you can click apply and then it's going to set up this particular down time period for the profile that you're in those settings for

Now you can click close And you have this created schedule of night Wi-Fi being off of for all the devices that are associated. Needed with the profile that you had set up. 

Things you can do after parental control setup

When you create profiles in the Xfinity x-fi area pretty much anything that you want to do in terms of turning on parental controls and limiting the amount of time used or the time of day that the internet is accessible to different devices or profiles in your home that you have set up on your Xfinity account. It is right there at your fingertips.

This is the perfect complete illustrated guide to setup Xfinity WiFi parental control setup,If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box

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This is the perfect complete illustrated guide to setup Xfinity WiFi parental control setup,If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment box


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