How To Disagree Whatsapp Privacy Policy After Agreeing

How To Disagree Whatsapp Privacy Policy After Agreeing

Many users after accepting new whatsapp privacy policy either mistakely or wantedly after knowing what's really those whatsapp privacy policy detailed and they get fear that their all data can be hacked

We know that Facebook has hacked many times but now whatsapp forcing people to agree to their privacy policy

If you are agreed privacy policy of whatsapp and fearing that your data may not be secure and want to disagree those privacy policy

You can disagree whatsapp privacy policy after accepting by uninstalling completely your whatsapp and again log in with your number and it asks for you to backup and with an email now create new email that has no your contacts,photos or whatever important files and since with it

Now its again asks for your permission cause you used new email and and don't agree to them if you want,however you can use only up to Feb 8 if you not agree their privacy policy

In my opinion we have to stop using whatsapp and better to use telegram app where some it can be safe our data 

As we know nobody wants to
See their data files,photos or anything and it's also make fear In us,we know that Facebook has hacked many times even facebook pays millions of penalty to google

If you have some time I'm gonna say that you really know something new that you really don't know 

Have you ever think that is there any mobile that can't be traceable that mobile hide your identity and many more 

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