How To Fix Blurry Camera on Android Front And Back| A Helpful Guide

Now a days many Android mobiles facing problems with Front or Black blurry camera problems,it usually caused due to not updating your software for newer versions even after you got software update at your settings >Software update,it may also causes due to using of old version of camera apps so try to update all your apps make them up-to-date,to know how to fix this issue read the full Article and know reasons why it cause and how to solve blurry camera problem

You can fix blurry front or back camera on Android by pressing and holding on three buttons power, volume down & volume up for 15 seconds it makes your mobile reboot,after reboot your problem will fixed successfully.

This is the most easiest and 100% working method to solve front and back blurry camera on android mobiles problems,it works not only for specific device it also works for almost all model mobiles so you can try this method on your android mobile facing blurry front or back camera problems

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Normally in many mobiles back and front camera problems occurs due to many reasons it may occurs due to using of not updated camera apps by using old version of apps,It may also cause due to software issues means if your mobile got any software update and you didn't updated your mobile then you will these type of problems

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